Cool temperatures bring perfect sailing trip conditions

Here’s a few pictures of 2 sailing trips we have had in the last couple of weeks
The captain has a new toy (for the association), so hence the upcoming artistry in the picture to come. There are some great boats to be seen out on the open sea. 1 we all spotted here recently was this twin masted, a classic sailing boat with a high angle bowsprit. The word bowsprit was anglicized from an old German word meaning bow and pole in the early 17th century. This enabled forestays to be placed further forward for supporting the foremast, and also to enable an extra sail up front for more propulsion in good winds.
A great group from Canada came along on a trip in December that had great fun and was a pleasure to take out. We were able to take the time perfecting our sail trim as we ride around some good strong gusts of wind on a close haul point of sail.
Sailing Barcelona Photo Gallery
Sailing in January