Why take a sailing trip with sailing barcelona?

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Why take a sailing trip with sailing barcelona?

As you start to consider your next holiday getaway, you might realize that it featured nothing more than inordinate crowds, pricy lodging options, monotonous tours, and a general lack of fulfillment. This should come as no surprise though, particularly when taking into account the booming nature of the global tourism industry. Barcelona is an extremely popular destination in the Catalan region within Spain, and tends to be teeming with hordes of tourists year-round, all of whom are seeking a memorable escape from where they’re from. Thus, a trip to Europe, Spain or Barcelona in general usually fizzles out fairly quickly, as the anxiety involved with having to compete for rides, bookings, and accommodations starts weighing on your travel group right from the onset. But with the right approach and some outside-the-box thinking, you can create a vacation plan that is not only affordable and inclusive, but also very relaxing, intimate and culturally enriching.

If you’re looking for an alternative holiday plan that allows you to experience natural beauty, incredible vistas, and the effervescence of the Mediterranean Sea, look no further than private sailing trips in Barcelona.

Why Take a Sailing Trip at all?

Recent studies have shown that sailing comes with a host of health benefits above and beyond the expected increase in cardiovascular fitness, agility, and muscular strength. The calming nature of the water, combined with the charged ions within the salty air, help your body organically process oxygen and increase serotonin levels. To boot, the rhythmic movement of the boat and the natural sounds of the oceanic environment have a positive effect on brain wave patterns, which soothes your wildest stresses and anxieties as you cruise along the coastlines.

However, due to the extensive requirements involved with sailing and staying safe on the water, it’s important to find the right sailing organizer to facilitate your trip. With this in mind, there are a few specific factors you should seek out before scheduling a sailing excursion.

Sail with a qualified and experienced skipper

If your goal is to experience a refreshing trip along the Mediterranean coastline without any of the overpriced and underwhelming boating tours commonly associated with the tourist trade, you should place your focus on small private sailing companies and skippers as opposed to the bigger operators that churn out sailing trip after sailing trip with skippers that don’t put an emphasis on the satisfaction of the guests. The very best private companies, such as Sailing Barcelona that operate under the umbrella of Excursions Barcelona, offer multiple cruises on a daily basis, all of which are led by qualified RYA/MCA skipper. Whether you wish to work in line with the sailors, hoisting and trimming sails, or simply want to relax with a cold beverage on the deck, you’ll be able to schedule a private sailing trip on a magnificent British-built vessel during most of the year. You can also choose to embark on a slow, romantic sunset journey, which cruises up and down Spain’s Mediterranean coastline as the sun sets on the colour-soaked horizon.

The laid-back nature of a private sailing journey allows you to feel safe on the water and truly let your hair down while seeing the sights. However, the key to unlocking a bespoke oceanic journey lies in choosing a reputable local trip organiser, such as the aforementioned Sailing Barcelona that has years of experience in day sailing trips. With their world-renowned skippers, top-notch vessels, and extensive knowledge of local life, you’ll be able to experience an unprecedented excursion in the midst of the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. After all, it has been said that the truest form of freedom rests comfortably in the expanse of our oceans, so start planning your excursion today!

If you have any unanswered questions or requests before making a booking, maybe for a special occassion or proposal. Contact the skipper directly!

Why take a sailing trip with Sailing Barcelona