Plan a sunset sailing trip from Barcelona after some insightful tips from the skipper

Romantic sunset sailing for a wedding porposal
A couple sit on the port side deck to watch the sunset over Barcelona as we sail back towards Port Olympic

Why plan a sunset sailing trip ahead of time?

With more choice of sailing trip providers seeming to emerge here in Barcelona as popularity increases, it is becoming more important to plan ahead to ensure that you will have some peace of mind that you will be sailing on the most appropriate boat available with a skipper that can cater for your needs as a group, Certain sailing experiences are not to everyone’s liking and can be very personal for different reasons, and a big factor that plays a part here, is that sunset sailing trips are extremely popular with locals and tourists alike.

Who does this mainly affect?

For the person that has been appointed or has taken it upon themselves to book a private sailing trip, there can be a heavy weight of expectation on their shoulders leading up to the event. What happens if the weather is bad? Where is the boat? Are drinks/food included? Does the skipper speak good English? If the boat tour hasn’t been planned, the person leading the group can become under much more stress as a result, as the feel as if they’re in the hands of the gods if the trip will be befitting for the occasion. The more stress a person is under whilst boarding the boat, the more chance of them feeling nauseous during the sailing trip due to the butterflies in their stomach, as they want everyone to enjoy the experience. Being a skipper myself I see this is as a situation that occurs frequently.

What kind of scenarios could there be?

A sailing trip isn’t just about jumping onboard a boat, hoisting the sails, enjoying a drink with a spectacular view. Believe me, I personally wish it was that easy!

These could be scenarios such as:

  1. A proposal to be married where the (hopeful and potential) groom to be is a bag of nerves to produce one of the most romantic experiences ever
  2. A bridesmaid needs to find a suitable sailing experience based on the overall nature of the group involved, as not all hen do’s/bachelorette want a booze cruise, but a relaxing intimate boat tour
  3. A family on holiday may need to cater for 3 generations of people. So the kids will want to be active by helping to sail the boat, or if it’s warm enough to jump off the boat for a swim, whilst the older generation need easy access to board the boat, and may want to sail a little without being involved in any of the hard work. The mid generation may just want a boat big enough to enjoy some peace and quiet to themselves.  
  4. A reunion of some sort could desire time to simply catch up whilst enjoying a few drinks on deck 

How is the best way to book a sailing trip with peace of mind?

There are a few steps to book a sailing experience with peace of mind, such as:

  1. Try a Google search for “private sailing trips Barcelona” for example and find out which are the established companies in the search results.
  2. Read the reviews on sites such as trip advisor
  3. Ask people you know that have been before
  4. Contact a company that shows all the right attributes and ask the questions on your mind. You may end up in contact with the skipper directly, and they may be able to give more insight than you originally thought.
  5. Finally, to book directly through a companies website can offer you financial savings as the company doesn’t have to pay extortionate commissions to 3rd party booking agents

Now you’re ready to plan and book a sunset sailing trip

Now it’s time to start planning that perfect sunset sailing trip for your group. Remember that not every boat and skipper will provide the best experience for your group, so due diligence should be taken. If the task of planning a sailing trip in Barcelona is still a little daunting and a little more help and reassurance would be appreciated first. You are more than welcome to contact me directly as I’m familiar with most boats available here in Barcelona and I would be happy to help plan with you to reduce the stress involved.

Plan your sunset sailing trip from Barcelona