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Here is our testimonials page to find out what our friends and fellow sailors have had to say about their own personal experiences on our sailing trips

Testimonials From the Sailing Trips and Boat Tours We Have Enjoyed With Our Crew

“Arrived at the dock and was met by a really friendly skipper and crew, all the guests were offered refreshments straight away and regularly throughout the trip. We set out and we were all allowed to participate, taking it in turns to steer and crew the boat. Gianbattista was helpful and full of interesting information about sailing. Great weather, great crew, great atmosphere, all in all a brilliant experience that I would recommend to anyone!”
TobyRwinds, Barcelona, Spain

“We were 4 people who were total amateurs in sailing and wanted to enjoy the nice Barcelona skyline, sun, sea and breeze while learning a little bit about sailing itself. The 2 skippers did an amazing job in setting a good mood, explaining the basics of sailing, letting us help out with some tasks and after a while taking control of the boat itself. Also, some nice snacks and drinks were provided and we got more than 3 hours of quality time on the water. Really a nice experience and totally worth its money.”
dhrthomasjanssens, Antwerp, Belgium
“If you’re looking for 3 great hours of sailing you’ve come to the right place !! Giambattista is a wonderful host and skipper……My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would do this again in a heartbeat. The trip was made extra special as we were treated to champagne and a meat and cheese plate that was truly delicious. Beer was also served. This is a can’t miss, great time ……”
Livnthedream, North Carolina, USA
“So glad I booked this activity, it was a wonderful experience. We did a sunset sail with a small group (4 of us) and it was the highlight of my weekend in Barcelona. Giambattista was a wonderful host and the boat is very nice. We enjoyed wine and tapas while relaxing and taking in the gorgeous views of the city. I highly recommend this activity for anyone interested in sailing.”
Habarko, Texas, USA
“We went sailing with Giambattista on a Sunday afternoon and it was a delightful experience. The wind conditions were great and we had the opportunity both to help with the steering and to relax and enjoy the sunny day. It was also great to get to see the city from the sea. I highly recommend this activity!”
Maria V, Barcelona, Spain
“My friends and I took the 4 hour sailing trip on a Saturday afternoon at the beginning of August. One of our party is disabled and he was helped and reassured. Nothing was too much for the captain Giamattista and his aid Dave from England (Dave can also help you out with a great places to eat and drink in the evening too). Before we sailed we were briefed and offered offered sea sickness tablets which we took. It was such a relaxing and memorable experience. Made even better by getting involved with the sailing ourselves. The views are, as my fried would say TDF (To Die For) both out to the beautiful ocean and back to the splendid vista of Barcelona! A great experience that must be repeated.”
Steven H, Leeds, England
“Excellent Captain who took the time to give all interested a thorough practical sailing lesson in English and in Spanish. Really interesting meetup group from US, Poland and Spain. We were lucky and had about 10 knot steady wind, and had a great time sailing and watching the sun go down on the Barcelona skyline. Really recomendable for anyone wanting to catch up on sailing skills, meet people, or simply have a ride on a 12 metre sailing yacht. Will return for sure.”
Max D, TripAdvisor
“Me and my husband went on a Sunset Sail one Saturday afternoon. It was amazing – I mean, for me Barcelona is a paradise on earth itself. Imagine being able to feel the wind on your face, enjoy the company of 7 other people you have never seen before and yet you bonded with right away AND on top of that being able to admire the beauty of Barcelona City while sailing away. We were all guided by an incredible well-traveled and professional sailor – Giambattista. I can’t find the right words to describe kindness he treats everybody with while patiently explaining how everything works on a boat 😉 His knowledge is outstanding and he shares it with such easy and passion you find yourself falling in love with sailing after only 15 minutes! Not to mention that no language is gonna be a barrier in communication as Giambattista probably speaks all of them 😉 We also had an incredible experience after docking in the port. All of us were just sitting on the boat, sharing tapas, beer and stories… All in all an unforgettable experience and a must if you are here in Barcelona 🙂 Thank you, Giambattista and thank you Barcelona Balearics Sailing Association!!!”
AsiaJarosz, Kansas, USA
“If you want to avoid the commercial, pricey and impersonal sailing tours that you find everywhere in Port Olympic, then this is the right place! Unlike all the others, they don’t have a booth to catch the tourists. The best way to get in contact with them is to go on their website and/or call them.

Giambattista and Dave will share their passion for sail boats and will introduce you (only if you wish) to the basics of sailing in a very laid back ambiance. They will let you do whatever you want including steering the boat all the time or just sunbathing if you fancy it. They are also very serious, professional and considerate.

During 3 hours, you be will be able to enjoy a different view of Barcelona which is truly impressive.
It definitely worth it!!

Thanks a lot”

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