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Sailing Barcelona – Rival 38

The Rival 38

First launched in 1977, 63 of these trusted sailing boats were built as a no nonsense, go anywhere, deep water cruising yacht. This boat is the perfect fit for our sailing trips as it provides the inexperienced sailor with a comfortable smooth ride for when the winds pick up.
Sailing Barcelona provides 2 classic sailing boats depending on the size of your group. A Rival 38 or a Pearson 424
For the more experienced sailor, it gives them a chance to be very much involved with the handling of a classic sailing boat. The sails are hoisted manually and our sailing direction is determined by the wind and boat itself. Since the boats inception, many long-distance passages have been made by the Rival 38 in all the oceans of the world.
Rival 38

This Rival will cruise along at about 5-6 knots in a Beaufort scale 3 wind, and up to 8-9 knots in a Beaufort 4. It is a boat that could be steered with one finger under strong winds due to the ruggedness of the design and build. The long keel design gives this sailing boat a sturdiness and dependability that modern day plastic fantastics cannot provide. With outstanding sea-kindliness this classic yacht can be driven on in conditions that will have other yachts running for cover. Safety and comfort is an assurance. Given the opportunity at the helm you will feel at one with the sea, wind and boat itself. A robust boat ideal for offshore passage making. A no nonsense, go anywhere, deep water cruising yacht. She is a quality yacht built to the highest of standards.

The boat if fully equipped with all required safety equipment from flares to a life raft and life jackets. Although you are not obliged to wear a life jacket here in Spain, there is one for everyone aboard.

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Sailing Barcelona – Rival 38