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Take a Gothic Quarter walking tour before experiencing a Sailing Trip

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And Times Without Wind

From the old to the new, a perfect day!

Booking a boat tour here on your holidays is a great way to meet other like-minded travelers to share good times and make new friends. For the romantic, chartering a classic sailing boat all to yourselves for an exclusive sail trip around the Catalan coastline will be an unforgettable experience. A tour into the old town is just the way to build an appetite for this.

Barcelona is a vibrant city that attracts and charms all walks of life in the millions every year. Taking time to wander around the historical Gothic quarter is an absolute must. This is the area that Barcelona was built around after the settlement of the Romans. It was Caesar Augustus in 14 AD that formalized the name Barcino from other similar mythical names such as Barkenon and Barca Nino. Some of the detailing in the buildings and monuments will take you back in awe, whilst you wind your way through the enclosed back alleys, transporting you back to medieval times. It is easy to imagine sailors of old frequenting this area to unwind after a long sail, fishing in the Mediterranean Sea for some of the local delicacies on offer here.

This is also an area that I would personally recommend to opt in for a walking tapas tour. If an organized walking tour is not your preference, a good place (and my favorite place) to start would be the Santa Caterina Market to the Eastern edge of the Gothic Quarter in El Born. Well away from the majority of tourists you can enjoy high quality fresh local food, and I can’t leave this article without mentioning the rabbit croquet and different types of meats and cheeses on offer with a glass of Cava.

The heat does build up in this area without relent and doesn’t rely on GPS to get you out within the tight, high alleys of solid stone. To finish a visit to this area, a short walk to the sea for a breath of sea breeze is most welcome. Sit and chill in one of the numerous outside bars restaurants is a well-deserved treat as the sun beats down. To escape the city heat as a priority and to take in the spectacular Catalan coastline without walking your socks off, come to see us down at Port Olympic for a spectacular boat tour to feel rejuvenated once again. We can provide you with the thrill of sailing on a sailing trip that fills your needs. You can kick back and relax as you sunbathe on deck whilst we do all the hard work of mooring the boat, tacking, jibing and trimming the sails. Or for the more engaged and adventurous of sailor types, we would be happy for you to crew with us and be fully involved with the handling of the boat itself. Check out our sailing trips page to see if there could be a time that would fit in with your exploration of the ancient Gothic quarter of medieval Barcino.

Rival Restoration

Boat Restoration, Below Decks

Sailing Blog – Excerpts Of Sailing Trips
And Times Without Wind

Sanding and re-varnishing the furniture

After many years of service that the boat had provided its owners, it was time to give some TLC back to the boat itself. Scrapes and scratches, bumps and dents had naturally occurred over many years of wear and tear as the boat sailed its crew through many seas during its 38 years of age. The original design of the Rivals interior had been changed to represent the owners’ individual desire for a more open space below deck.

So after noting down the areas that needed attention, it was a case of picking out a particular area and getting started. Deep breaths all around as once you have started to sand down the teak, there’s no going back. A 2 door general store cupboard just aft of the kitchen was the first recipient. The old varnish had to be sanded off and the wooden frame taken back to its bare naked state by using an 80 grit sandpaper.

The Rivals original design was unique in the way that it resembled an entrance to a hobbit’s home with an elliptical bulkhead that separated the chart table, kitchen and aft of the boat from the seated living area and bow of the sailing boat. As seen on our sailing boat page the final result enables the crew below to engage in face to face conversation without having to move around so much. This also meant that there was less teak to sand which was to become music to our ears.

The plywood doors were stripped back with a 120 grit paper to ensure that they were not over sanded to cause a color distortion by going through the top layer of wood. Both the doors and frame were taken back through the grades of sandpaper, 80 grit, 120 grit, then finishing with a 240 grit paper to really bring the patina of the wood to its original beauty. After cleaning up and ensuring a dust free space the cupboard was sealed with a polyurethane varnish thinned out 50% with thinners so that it could easily penetrate the wood. A quick sand with 240 grit sandpaper was necessary to cut back the raised grain caused by the moisture swelling the open pores of the wood. Then came a full top coat of varnish which was left to dry for 24 hours before another quicksand, another wipe up then the final top coat. When the final coat had dried, it was time to stand back and admire the first piece of restored boat furniture. Looking around, this seemed to emphasize how much more work there was to do. Next up is a well-worn chart table…….